Three worlds in contact with each other’s edges, merging into a fascinating journey. A photographer, a musician and scenographer (Pieter Huybrechts / Kris Delacourt / Erki De Vries) manipulate each in its own artistic language the space surrounding the public. The spectator is confronted with a myriad of  images of changing and changeable spaces, situated in a permanently reorganized reality.

Projected pictures of cities (Istanbul, Berlin, Rotterdam and London) merge with the constructed spaces on stage.

Culture Crew designed the software and technical workflow for this performative installation. The system consists of a DSLR camera, a central computer running custom software and an iPad app. Pictures from the DSLR are sent wirelessly to the central unit and then distributed over wi-fi to the iPad. The iPad app delivers total control over which screen displays which picture but also gives feedback about the light faders. It enables the artist to interact live with the lighting to create the best setting for capturing a new shot.

A cue module was added to the software so that Curating Space can also act as an automated installation, receiving cues over network. At any time, the artist can choose to begin a new interaction by inserting live shots or to let the cue system run by itself.

Photo’s © Pieter Huybrechts and Culture Crew