Fieldworks needed lightweight dismountable boxes for their performance. We designed and produced these boxes for them.
We also integrated electronics with speakers and light in the boxes. For this setup we developed a system to transmit 20 individual channels of audio to the boxes. The control signals for the leds are also transmitted together with the audio signals.

With distant voices, Heine Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki continue their exploration of space, particularly investigating the effects of spatial organization on the body and its perception. What happens if an architectural space exceeds its own borders from within? What if a situation breaks out of its spatial limits? What if it dissolves its specific contextual set ups and codes by spreading to other frameworks? And how does this affect the physical, perceptive and behavioral relations between audience members and performers?

Distant voices pursues these questions by playing with the idea of materializing space. The project features a structure of moveable objects, whose presence augments the situation with a multiplicity of blind spots. As a modular, transformable sculpture, it oscillates between an installation, a stage design and an architectural element, continually shaping and reshaping the spaces in which it is presented, simultaneously segmenting them into both accessible and inaccessible areas, both visible and invisible zones. The imagination is invited to travel: from the macro- to the micro-level and vice versa, between memory, actual perception and anticipation, and through alternative versions of the situation’s here and now – a journey on which common notions of human intersubjectivity and the desire for interpersonal relationality may be challenged by encounters with a certain kind of ‘objecthood’.

foto’s  Hans Meier and Culture Crew ©