We provide support for the entire life-cycle of complex and technically challenging  artworks.
Too often, technological artworks break down during exhibitions or tend to have a limited life expectancy. Due to the professional approach of our technicians and engineers we provide solutions to this range of problems and make these artworks more durable.  “We make Art Work”

We are your partner for the realization , presentation, restoration and conservation of artworks.

  • realization
    Technical design and execution of the artist’s idea. We provide the artist with technical and organizational support when creating a new work or altering an existing work. To realize the artwork, we’ll look with a broad eye towards different techniques and technologies. This multidisciplinary approach leads to an optimal solution to realize the artist’s idea.
  • presentation
    When we install these artworks, we make sure to present the work as the artist intended. It is important for us that the idea of the work is fully conveyed.
    We also act as advisor for  the integration of technological art on “public spaces”.
  • restoration and conservation
    restoration of  artwork with technical components

media art, computer art, light art, installation art, kinetic art, sound art, electronic art, video art