We are now The Protocol Room!

THEPROTOCOLROOM_LOGO_testThe amalgamation of Culture Crew and The House of Conservation resulted in The Protocol Room.

Working under the banner “we make art work”, Culture Crew in Leuven was Belgium’s main provider of technical services catering exclusively for the art sector. The House of Conservation in Ghent specialized in conserving and restoring contemporary art, drawing on its twenty-year experience of modern-day materials and concepts. As The Protocol Room, we now provide services to a whole range of clients for the entire lifespan of an artwork.

The Protocol Room is an artistic organization which brings into play the combined knowledge, experience and practice of physicists, engineers and restorers for the long-term preservation and stability of artworks. The organization provides up to date answers to questions and needs from the field of contemporary visual art by offering solutions to the most complex technical problems.

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