Mirror Box Extensions by Stefan Prins & Nadar Ensemble (2015) builds on how we perceive these augmented bodies and the environment in which they exist.

Directly interacting with or perceiving a physical reality (a body, an environment, a physically produced sound) is very different from doing so filtered through a layer of mediations (video projection, loud speaker, laptop, smartphone, tablet, security cam, webcam, …). Mirror Box Extensions tries to touch onto these differences, extending the mirrors beyond the stage, creating a strange labyrinthine hybrid machine of mediations into which the performers and the audience find themselves caught.

Culture Crew was responsible for the content editing and the software to drive the video system and the multi-channel audio output. It provided a way for the composer to have complete control over positioning, motion and blending of multiple video and audio sources in realtime while also incorporating live video elements in the stream.

Photo’s © Astrid Karger (SWR) and Culture Crew