From 1985 to 1989 Orhan Pamuk wrote ‘The black book’, an ingeniously constructed book interweaved with mysterious and fairy-tale like tales. One of this tales, Hidden Face, was turned by Pamuk into a film-script.

Turkish-Belgian theatre maker Mesut Arslan will not only use this text of Pamuk, but will also portray its main themes: identity, loss, time and perception. Artist and scenograph Erki de Vries made a tangible light design that accompanies the atypical cast.

Using text, role-playing, choreography and light, Arslan makes the ‘hidden faces’ of our daydreams appear.

Culture Crew designed the motor-system that drives the light installation. Combining circular and linear motions the dimmable lightsources can scan the scene and shed lights on different parts. Custom made software was built to enable choreographic control over the separate motors. A cue-system was supplied to be able to drive the system during a theatre performance.

Photo’s © Pieter Huybrechts and Culture Crew