H, an incident is the first musical-theatre production by theatre-maker and visual artist Kris Verdonck. Collaborating with Valdimar Jóhannsson, the composer Jónas Sen (who has worked with Björk et al.) will be bringing Harms’ curious world to life. An orchestra of automatic instruments moves amongst the performers, who join them in song and music-making. The lightness of the music goes hand in hand with the compelling tone of infectious children’s songs and radio hits, sung by a chorus of six Icelandic women (Erna Ómarsdóttiret et al.). Nine performers come and go in a ‘Harmsian’ world that takes shape through the use of pieces of abstract scenery. They all have a problem, in which they persevere with infinite positive energy.

The robots used in this production were designed and built by Culture Crew, while the motion-control software was created by iMinds. In order to make this position control possible, the robots are equipped with sensors and advanced motion controllers. The robotic platforms also contain the power supply for the instruments.