The Art Center Hugo Voeten is a new museum containing the private collection of Hugo Voeten. In preparation of it’s opening night, Culture crew was asked to assis with some technical challenges. On de opening night itself, we coördinated the projection of Asalto by Daniel Canogar, as well as another projection and the architectural lighting of the park.

It was a pleasure to have worked with Bart and the rest of their crew and we’re very proud to have received this great commendation from them:

Working with Culture Crew has never been less than a delight. For the opening of the Art Center Hugo Voeten, Culture Crew assisted us in many ways.

First of all, they’ve managed to produce and install on very short notice a special pedestal, tailormade for one of our top pieces by Michal Rovner: a kind of moving still life.

But more importantly, Culture Crew was our right hand at our opening night. CC assisted us for various seemingly tiny but almost life critical technical matters and logistic challenges: lighting, scaffolding, projecting, you name it. Their problem solving attitude, their felibility and creativity and their out-of-the-box way of working and thinking were the exact attitudes we needed. The efforts they put in the realisation of ‘Asalto’, the work by Daniel Canogar serving as the pièce de resistance of our opening night were huge, and the results were even more impressive: a never before seen state of the art projection on our extremely large facade.

Culture Crew truly made the Art Center work.

Bart Michiels

Coordinator Art Center Hugo Voeten